Rolling Hills HSA Community and Staff Events

RHE HSA organizes several events to help our families and staff feel welcome and part of the Rolling Hills community.


Back to School ImageBack 2 School Party -  The Rolling Hills Back 2 School party is an annual tradition where the HSA invites all of our families to come out and enjoy an evening of family fun.  This event occurs in September and includes a cold treat, hotdogs, activities, and music provided by a professional DJ. 



Trunk or Treat - Trunk or Treat is a fun, safe, interactive Halloween event! People gather in a large parking lot (Rolling Hills Elementary), go all out decorating the trunks of their car, and kids are able to trick or treat by going from trunk to trunk! Like trick or treating in your own neighborhood, but the houses are so much closer! This event occurs in October and is a night of games, fun and prizes. All are welcome and invited to decorate a trunk. Simply pick a theme and decorate the trunk of your vehicle! Without trunks, the event will not be possible.






Fall Faculty & Staff Luncheon - The Fall Staff luncheon takes place in November while Teacher/Parent Conferences are taking place. The luncheon is a way of showing our thanks to our Rolling Hills Faculty & Staff Members, we provide lunch for them during their busy conference week.





Boys Night Out (formerly father/son) - Our Boys Night Out is a special night for RHE dads and sons. This themed evening activity varies from year to year. If dad is unavailable, grandfathers, step-dads and uncles are always welcome to attend. As always, our events are geared to be inclusive of all students while this event is named Boys Night Out all are welcome to attend.


Holiday Shop - Holiday Shop is a well-loved tradition held in December at RHE. 

Volunteer organized and run Holiday Shop is an in-school holiday gift store that offers gifting options for the entire family where students discover the Joy of giving! Gifts are reasonably priced anywhere from $.25-$12. The majority of the items fall between $2 and $7 each. We are accepting cash only, no checks. When your child arrives at the shop a parent volunteer will be there to help them shop, stay within their budget, and make gift selections for everyone on their list.


Family Bingo - Family Bingo Night is a laid back and inclusive family activity hosted by the Home & School Association each year between November & January.






Science Fair - Science fair is an opportunity for students to apply the scientific method to conduct independent research which is both fun and educational. They can pick topics that pique their curiosity, test their hypotheses by creating their own experiments and learn how to use the scientific method — a practice used by professional scientists around the world.  The RHE Science fair takes place each year in either February or March.


Clothing Drive - Each year we conduct a Clothing Drive to benefit the Home & School Association. This is a great opportunity to clean out your closets and help raise funds for the benefit of our children and school community. This event usually happens either in the Spring or Fall each year.





Sweetheart Dance (formerly father/daughter) - The annual sweetheart dance is an event where children and their special guests enjoy an evening out together and enjoy dinner, dancing & fun. This event is usually held in February.